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Family Documentary

What to expect

In a family documentary session, nothing is wrong and the atmosphere is relaxed. Kids can be kids, and your family can just spend time with what they are used to do. Preparing for breakfast, badtime, playing, grocery shopping, ... you name it. Everyday life might feel trivial, but there are many small moments that can be captured beautifully, personalities can shine through the photographs and the one who usually takes the photos will be part of the scene for once.


Shoots can be planned from two hours, up to ten hours. In the smaller shoots (two hours), focus will be on the kids and we will work around a loosely planned activity. Below are showcased some families, you can click on each of them to see their story. If this sound something for you and your family, than feel free to contact me

I can also be your family documentary photographer, if you are a family on holidays in Denmark.



If you are ready to book, would like some more information or just want to say hey; you're welcome to fill in the form or give me a call. You can write or talk in English, Danish or Dutch. 

Ready to capture your story?

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